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Our company is engaged in the research and development and deep processing of sodium metasilicate and sodium metasilicate products with a history of 20 years. We have the production technology of sodium metasilicate pentahydrate and anhydrous sodium metasilicate produced by PQ Company in the United States. Our company is also one of the earliest pentahydrate powder sodium metasilicate manufacturers. At present, our company has annual production of various specifications of sodium silicate (commonly known as polystyrene, sodium silicate) 80,000 tons, various specifications of sodium metasilicate 60,000 tons, and according to customer requirements for production and processing of special specifications of sodium silicate.

Pentahydrate sodium metasilicate,Sodium metasilicate anhydrous, Instant powder sodium silicate, Sodium original silicate, solid sodium silicate, Liquid sodium silicate


sodium metasilicate anhydrous

sodium metasilicate anhydrous
Sodium metasilicate production experience, the products are highly valued all over the world, deeply loved by users. In addition, our company is also the first five water powder metasilicate and One of the producers of sodium metasilicate in nine water.

Product name: sodium pentahydrate metasilicate, also known as: pentahydrate metasilicate.

Molecular formula: Na2SiO3 • 5H2O, relative molecular weight 212.14


sodium metasilicate anhydrous

Molecular formula: Na2SiO3

Appearance: sodium metasilicate anhydrous for white particles, sodium metasilicate anhydrous powder for white powder

Application: sodium metasilicate anhydrous is widely used in the configuration of various lotions, metal surface treatment, ceramic grinding aid, refractory raw materials: plastic and water preservation agent raw materials, oil removal, textile printing and dyeing additives and paper deinking agent.


 Original sodium silicate

Product name: Instant powder sodium silicate, also known as Instant bubble alkali.

Molecular formula: Na2O•NSiO2•NH2O, the molecular weight is generally between 280-350.

Appearance: the appearance of the product is white, powder shape, good uniformity.


Original sodium silicate

Original sodium silicate, also known as: sodium orthosilicate, original silicon

Molecular formula: 2Na2O.SiO2

Exterior appearance: white granular powder.

Application: sodium orthosilicate is widely used to configure various lotions.Metal surface treatment. Ceramic grinding aid. Refractory raw materials, plastic and water preservation agent raw materials. In addition to the oil


Solid sodium silicate

Solid sodium silicate (solid foam soda) is a semi-finished product of sodium silicate produced by enterprises with sodium silicate melting equipment. The product must be dissolved into liquid sodium silicate before it can be used.

Product name: sodium silicate, commonly known as sodium silicate, bubble alkali.

The molecular formula is: Na2O MSiO2, where M is the modulus, that is, the molar ratio of SiO2 to Na2O in the product.


Sodium silicate

Application: to manufacture silica gel and silica black. Zeolite molecular sieve, silica sol and other silicate products; It is the raw material in washing powder, soap and other detergents. Water quality softener. Sedimentation aid; Used for dyeing, bleaching and sizing in the textile industry; Widely used in the machinery industry, casting, grinding wheel manufacturing and metal preservatives; In the construction industry, it is used for manufacturing quick-drying cement, acid-resistant cement waterproof oil, soil curing agent, refractory materials, etc. In agriculture, silicon fertilizers can be made; Si - Al catalyst for petroleum catalytic cracking. Soap filler, corrugated adhesive. Metal preservative, water softener.

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