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sodium pentahydrate metasilicate

Product name: sodium pentahydrate metasilicate, also known as: pentahydrate metasilicate.

Molecular formula: Na2SiO3 • 5H2O, relative molecular weight 212.14

Appearance: white granules, white powder

Properties: crystal. Relative density 0.8-1.0 melting point 72.2C, soluble in water and dilute lye, insoluble in alcohols and acids, aqueous solution is alkaline. It is easy to absorb moisture and moisture in exposed air. With descaling emulsification, dispersion and wetting. Permeability and pH buffer capacity

USES:1. lotion industry

1, this has a strong oil performance, widely used in the configuration of all kinds of lotions on the stability of the lotions in the bleaching agent effect is significant, the surfactant also has a good adsorption, with the effect of suspension and softening dirt. In lotion industry can replace: sodium tripolyphosphate, reduce pollution.

2. Sodium metasilicate can also be used as metal surface treatment agent and cleaning agent, it can provide excellent alkaline buffer to provide anti-corrosion protection of metal Textile Printing and Dyeing Industry

Mainly used for textile printing and dyeing pretreatment agent, application of this product advantages: desizing. In addition to oil, whiteness and hydrogen peroxide stability are better.

3. Ceramic industry

Mainly used as ceramic grinding aid, the advantages of the application of this product: reduce the slurry moisture, shorten the ball grinding time, reduce equipment wear, enhance the strength of the embryo.

4. Other trades

Refractory raw materials. Plastic and water retaining agent raw materials, oil removal. And paper deinking agent

Packing: The outer packing is made of plastic woven bag, the inner packing is made of polyethylene film bag, the net weight of each bag is 25kg. The mouth of the inner bag is sealed and the stitching line of the outer bag is neat. Conform to the

Packing requirements. At the same time, our company can customize packaging according to customer requirements.

Storage: the product should be stored in the ground from the wall more than 20cm, to avoid sun and rain.

5.Technical index of sodium metasilicate pentahydrate

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